Project 3

Beginning Throwing

Handles Project 3

Problem: Create a series of pieces that display experimentation in form with comfortable handles

Objective: To learn the basic design ideas behind making comfortable hands for utilitarian objects, to become familiar with how the principals of design can be applied to basic vessel design. 

Look at cups/mugs with handles and analyze the proportion and size of different handles as well as the negative space made by them.
Make several sketches of that explore variations in the cup or mug and pitcher forms focusing on the relationship of the handle to the rest of the piece. 
Produce 4 mugs and 2 pitchers that display a unified design and are presented as a set.  (6 pieces total)  At least 1/2 of these pieces must have pulled handles.

The pitchers must be at least 8 inches tall

Discuss the drawings you have made with your instructor before beginning
Pay attention to the timing when connecting the handle to the cylinder
All pieces should be made with a strong design relationship between the lip, foot, and profile/thickness of the handle

-Sharp edges and cracks will merit down grading of the project.

-Ask questions so your instructor can address specific challenges you may encounter.
-Utilize all of the given class time for working on the project and have all work completed for the prescribed critique date